Friday, August 20, 2010

The Rippin' and the Tearin'

For a man that at first view is seemingly past the peak of his sexual powers, Rick pumps and thrusts in such a way that suggests there’s plenty of life in the old stallion yet. He’s clearly enjoying the Indian summer of his career.

His smile alone tells you that much, but there are a few standout points that really capture how eager Ricky the sexpot is. At around 13 seconds, he can barely contain his excitement and just wants to talk about how happy he is to be there. Another 13 seconds and he’s grabbing at the mic to deliver his mantra: the Rippin’ and the Tearin’, the Rippin’ and the Tearin’. I’m really struggling to find superlatives in which to describe this moment.

With 40 visits to Hedonism 2 under his, err, speedo belt, I can only imagine the situations him and his horny pecker have found themselves ‘in’. He’s probably met Byron Kelleher at one of these things, and again, I shudder to think about what those two tweezers got up to.

Then the dancing... White guys.

You’ll never hear Beyonce’s ‘Diva’ again and not think of Rick thrusting his love in your direction.

Have fun.

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