Friday, March 12, 2010

NZ Autumn Gift Fair

From Sunday through Wednesday (7th – 9th) we were at the Autumn NZ Gift Fair. It was pretty good value, met a few good store-owners and the like. As always with these types of events, we spend a good portion of the time watching people, judging them. Just a little bit, but I’m not going to lie about it – it’s what we do. That and draw naughty pictures of the people we see.

So while we were there – looking, judging, and drawing – Rob decided to dabble in a little bit of rap, as he likes to from time to time. While I can’t show you the pictures we drew (NSFW), I can post the rap. Here goes.

Gift fair – Where we stare. by Rob Ewan

Just been at the Gift Fair selling tees,
Amongst other NZ stuff that was all pretty cheese

Saw heaps of Mums with dyed hair,
Their beads and bracelets made us stare

We were opposite a lady selling disco balls,
Like a $2 store in one of those crappy malls

Women pass with their blonde hair and dyed red fringes,

What’s up with that - can’t they see everyone’s cringes?

Oh well it’s time to pack up and leave
Shout out to my Dad who got a job today, his name's Steve

I tried finding a picture of the type of clientele there, but it seems searching "Mum hairdos with highlights and necklaces and bangles" does not yeild the desired image results. So instead, here's Rapper Rob.

bad ass.


Melissa said...

Love your blog, it always makes me laugh.
My mate and I often judge people and then draw pictures, then swap them and make it a kinda 'guess who' game.
Love the rap - I am an English teacher and think it would be hilarious to welcome my students to class like Mr G off Summer Heights High - unfortunately I don't have keyboard. Perhaps an impromptu rap is in order since I teach in a South Auckland school.
Also, agree with you the Taika Waititi is the man. <3 Two cars one night and Eagle vs. Shark.
BTW, I annonymously commented on your post that mentioned Bonzo burger - your response sooo did not make the joint any more appealing.
Lastly, I always get compliments from kids at school when I wear my Mr Vintage t-shirts, so keep up the good work!

Jay said...

Cheers Melissa,
Judging people is fun, it's quite easy when you're a bit of a wanker. Fortunately we're able to express ourselves in drawing and rap, and it's through these two forms we're able to 'let go' of a lot of our anger and resentment. Lastly, Bonzo Burgers is delicious, Bonzo is a great guy with a great smile and I implore you to get amongst it Mel.
I love you.

Melissa said...

Hey, I know you said you loved me at the end of your comment reply, but could that be sarcasm? Coz I'm thinking you're calling me a wanker at the beginning...

Jay said...

No Mel, I was referring to us as the wankers... But if you want to be known as a wanker too, you're more than welcome to join us. It can be a lonely place at times - but you'll have some good laughs.
Cynical I might be, sarcastic never.
Go the Bonzo.

Melissa said...

Sweet as, just checking.
You're very adamant about Bonzo, so I will have to pop in there at some stage - your constant cheerleading for the place has kinda won me over :)