Friday, December 26, 2008

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas all. It's been a pretty crazy festive period here.... We've processing so many orders, and it's all thanks to you lovely folk - so thanks for keeping us busy!

In other news we went to 'Spookers' for our Christmas excursion, and holy-moly it was scary. Well, I didn't find it scary, but Amy and Joe did. You should have seen Joe, he was screaming like a little pig. But other than the high-pitched screams coming from Joes throat, the evening was a great success - and a few of us even managed to change out of our fake blood-stained clothes and hit the town after that for an hour or two. Actually, we (Jay and Joe) didn't last all that long in town, we soon found ourselves back at Mr Vintage HQ with a pies in hand, and craving a couch on which to sleep. We woke up on said couches feeling rather woosey in the morning.

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