Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Pulp Sport Super Mega Party Time

You may have noticed that the lads from Pulp Sport have been wearing a few of our tees on their show this season. Well done. We've also made a few t-shirts for them, and we got to go to their sweet launch party the other day too. There was beer there that you could drink for free. No jokes. They also had burgers there, but they were pretty shit-house. Mine was frozen in the middle. But I'd had a few beers and ate it regardless.
Well anyway, one of the tees we made for them was this John Rowles one. It comes in all sorts of crazy colours like purple and yellow and orange and black and white. This could just be the perfect Christmas gift for Mum, or Grandma.

Pictured here are Bill and Ben with the man himself, Johnny Rowles!

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